Tips for your second pregnancy

You've already had a baby, and it brought such joy to your life that you've decided to have another. You may think that you know everything there is to know about pregnancy and fetal development because you've already gone through it, but your second pregnancy may actually be quite different than your first. While some of the differences between pregnancies will make this experience easier for you than it was the first time, your second pregnancy can also bring with it some unique challenges. 

Some of the benefits
BoldSky stated that one of the best things about your second pregnancy is that you probably know most of the tricks for how to beat all of the common problems associated with pregnancy. For example, you likely know which chair setting helps ease your back pain, which shoes help with your swollen ankles and which maternity outfits look best on you. Furthermore, you won't be as surprised by the mood swings you may experience, and you may be able to better control your feelings. 

Another great bonus that comes with your second pregnancy is that many women report that the morning sickness they experienced was much better when they were waiting to have their child. Morning sickness isn't the only thing that can go more smoothly the second-time around - chances are your labor will as well. Since you've already delivered a baby before, it's likely that it will be easier for you to do it again.

Also, chances are you were experiencing a lot of fear during your first pregnancy. For example, you may have been worried that the one sip of caffeinated soda you accidentally took was going to cause your baby to have serious problems, or that the pain of labor was going to be so bad you wouldn't be able to handle it. Now, you've already gone through a pregnancy and you know what most of these concerns are unfounded. This should help you be more relaxed throughout these next nine months. 

Challenges you may face
Of course, second pregnancies won't be all fun and games, since there may be some new obstacles you have to face this time around. For example, the Nemours Foundation pointed out that if you have another child to care for you may feel more tired during your second pregnancy. Rather than being able to focus all of your time and energy on caring for yourself and your growing baby, you also have to look after your first child. This is why you should be sure to ask for help from your partner, friends and family members if you need it. While you don't want to neglect your other child, you need to make sure that you're getting all the rest you need while pregnant. 

Also, if you waited a while between your pregnancies, then you might run into some of the complications that can occur if you're while having a baby later in life. You should talk to your doctor about any special precautions you should take to help avoid experiencing any issues if you're having a baby and your in your late 30s or early 40s. 

Finally, pregnant women may be so busy during their second pregnancy while taking care of their first child that they may miss out on some major moments. This is why Yahoo recommended that filmming exciting events, such as that first ultrasound and an older sibling feeling his or her new baby brother or sister kick. 

What changes did you experience with your second pregnancy? Talk about them here!