Tips to make baby's first Christmas a special one

If this Christmas is your baby's first one, you'll want to make it a special occasion. While he or she probably won't be too interested in any presents that you'll get him or her, you'll want to have a special keepsake to commemorate baby's first Christmas. Now that your pregnancy is over and you're monitoring your baby's development, you want to make sure he or she has a special first holiday. Pictures are a great way to hold onto memories for years to come, but this momentous event calls for a little something special other than just a photograph.

Make a special stocking
Pottery Barn Kids states that one of the must-haves for a baby's first Christmas is a commemorative stocking. When they get a little older, kids can decorate their own stocking, but for now,the job lands on you. You can go to any crafts store and pick up a plain stocking and everything you'll need to decorate it. Be sure to put your baby's name on it, and then add little drawings of elves, santa or whatever stuffed animal your child is most attached to. You can also decorate this stocking by dipping your baby's hand or foot into a little paint, and making a print.

Get baby's first ornament states that there are many "baby's first Christmas" oraments that you can buy to commemorate this special occasion. You can also create your own with a small frame and a picture of your baby, or even use some wiring to hang an old pair of baby boots on the tree, with your baby's name written on the bottom of them.

Buy one special gift
While your baby may be too young to truly appreciate gifts, you should still get one special one that you can show him or her in the future. This can be either a nice stuffed animal that will be able to stand the test of time, a music box that plays his or her favorite lullaby or a hand-knit hat or scarf.

Create a Christmas plate
Another easy way to make a special commemorative Christmas item is to make a holiday plate. Just take a regular plate and decorate it with you child's name, the date they were born, and the date of his or her first Christmas. There are many stores that sell holiday markers and paint for plate decorating that are dishwasher-safe, but you may not want to eat off of this special plate or wash them.

What have you been doing to make baby's first Christmas a special one? Have you gotten your baby any special presents? Leave your answers in the comments section!