'Top Chef' star successfully hides pregnancy

This season's "Top Chef" takes place in New Orleans, a city famous for it's unique culinary style. The show is set to premiere early in October, but during the competition's filming - unbeknownst to the judges and other chefs - there was an extra little competitor on the set. Gail Simmons recently confirmed that she was pregnant while filming, and is now well into her six month, reported USA Today.

Simmons said at the start of filming that she was "very newly pregnant when we shot and it was no one's business. And I wasn't showing so it didn't matter. It really wasn't an issue. I was worried it would be, but it wasn't a problem," according to the news source.

One thing the expecting chef might have expected to encounter during the contest were foods that are potentially dangerous to women during pregnancy. Simmons claimed this wasn't an issue for her, however, and said that throughout the entire season she was only once or twice presented with items she couldn't eat due to her pregnancy. When the situation arose, the talented cook said she just ate around it.

So far, Simmons reported having nothing but a rosy, healthy pregnancy. Despite recent studies concerning alcohol, the mom-to-be said she avoids it as well as caffeine. She also avoids raw foods - but admits to daydreaming of prosciutto. All in all, she doesn't feel cheated. After all, "I eat for a living … [and] it's only nine months," she said.

As for the show itself, Simmons isn't talking. Fans will have to wait until the show begins in October to see how she fares.

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