Tuna-eating Beyonce may not be pregnant after all

As soon as you find out you're expecting a child, you're going to need to alter everything from your workout routine to your diet. There are foods that you'll need to steer clear of during pregnancy to avoid putting fetal development at risk, and certain types of seafood fall into this category. Perhaps this is why songstress Beyonce recently posted an Instagram photo of an order she made at a restaurant in France: to disprove recent pregnancy rumors, according to Hollywood Life.

On her account, Beyonce displayed an image of a menu that had tuna on it. Although her husband, rapper Jay-Z, has already dispelled the rumors of her pregnancy, some say that this photo was meant to provide extra assurance. Women who are expecting are typically advised to limit how much tuna and fish that they eat while pregnant. Certain types of fish can contain high levels of mercury and put the unborn child at risk of health complications.

What can I eat while pregnant?
There are certain foods you should stay away from while you're expecting in addition to seafood. The Mayo Clinic claims that it's best to steer clear of uncooked meat, poultry and eggs, all of which can harbor bacteria. Unpasteurized varieties of cheeses should also be avoided, such as brie, feta and blue cheese. When it comes to liquids, stay away from alcohol and limit your amount of caffeine. Your primary care physician can give you insight into which foods are best for you while you're expecting. His or her insight can be valuable if this is your first pregnancy.

How have you kept your baby safe in the womb through your meal choices? Do you know which items to avoid? Leave your feedback in the comments section!