What will you miss about being pregnant?

If you're well into your third trimester, chances are you're probably sick of being pregnant. That's because pregnancy can put a strain on you, both physically and mentally, and you may be ready to have your body all to yourself once again. However, some women find that once their pregnancy is over, they actually miss the experience.The Boston Globe recently published an article by one woman who explained that there are things that she will miss about being pregnant, and she hopes that women appreciate them while they are expecting. 

The author explained that she will miss carrying her baby with her wherever she went, and it was just her and the baby against the world - no bulky carriers and no scheduling for care. Also, she will miss all of the "firsts" that happen during pregnancy, such as the first time hearing her baby's heartbeat or the reaction of her friends and family when they found out that she was expecting.

Yahoo! Voices also published and article by a woman who said that she would miss things about. She wrote that one of the best things about expecting was that she tried a whole host of interesting food combinations that she never would have had the courage to before because her body was craving them. Also, she admitted that she will miss all of the pampering she received from her family and friends during this time - after all, who wouldn't? 

So even though it can be a stressful time in your life, you should pause every now and then to think about all of the things you enjoy about your pregnancy. 

Are there things you will miss about being pregnant? Leave them here!