Will Kate Middleton live with her parents once the baby arrives?

As Kate Middleton's pregnancy rolls on, there's an ample amount of speculation about what will happen once the baby arrives. Will it begin life in the public eye? Does the Duchess have plans to bring in the help of a nanny? Recently, rumors have been circulating that once the pregnancy calendar comes to an end, Middleton and Prince William will be residing with her parents, according to The Daily Mail. 

The source reported that the Duchess will spend the first six weeks following her pregnancy in the countryside at her parents' estate. This comes as a shock to some who thought that Middleton would want to immediately start raising the baby at a royal palace. Carole Middleton, Kate's mother, is allegedly "over the moon" at the prospect of having her grandchild around. A recent visitor to the estate claims that the family has created a nursery for the baby.

"Carole fully intends to be part of this baby's life and Catherine, for her part, plans to spend a lot of time with her parents, especially while she is waiting for the new apartment to be completed," the visitor told the news source.

Primarily, sources say that Middleton is seeking "support" once the baby arrives at a place where she feels most safe. However, some people claim that these rumors are completely false, according to E! News. Many individuals speculate that the royal couple have no official plans in place for life after the baby is born.

Planning a nursery
The royal couple hasn't revealed the gender of their upcoming baby, which might lead many to wonder how they're going to decorate the nursery! However, there are many tactics that can be used to design an infant's room without knowing the sex of the child.

Gender-neutral colors, such as yellow and green, are ideal for nurseries that are meant to suit a child, regardless of whether the baby is a boy or girl. Parents can ensure that the space has everything they need once the infant arrives by painting and decorating a few weeks before the due date. This gives everyone enough time to properly install lighting, fixtures and furniture for the baby's room.

How have you prepared for the arrival of your child in the past? Do you wait until the second trimester to begin decorating the nursery? Leave your feedback in the comments section!