Your behavior during pregnancy may determine your child's weight

During your pregnancy, it's important to remember that everything you're putting into your body affects both you and your unborn child. This can take some getting used to, considering that for your whole life you've been used to whatever you eat only affecting you, and now there's a whole other person to think of every time you take a bite. While you can talk to your doctor about what you shouldbe eating, it's also important to aska doctor about how much you should consume.

The phrase "You're eating for two"can be misleading since it suggests that you should be eating double of what you normally do. Your baby doesn't need the same amount of calories as a grown person during any stages of fetal development, and it's important for you to keep that in mind as your pregnancy continues. Recently, researchers from the University of Berlin discovered that the lifestyle of a mother has a large impact on whether her baby will be overweight.

Poor habits lead to overweight children
The scientists discovered that lack of exercise and overeating during pregnancy seemed to play a major role in how heavy a baby was. Furthermore, they also found that babies who weighed more than 4,000 grams at birth (about 8.8 pounds) had a greater chance of being overweight later in life than those who were smaller when they were born.

"Even more than before, the course of pregnancy is proving to be the key factor for the health of the child for its whole life," said Andreas Plagemann from the Charite Department of Obstetrics, who lead the study.

The scientists added that obesity is associated with a number of health problems, including heart disease and obesity, which is why it's particularly important for mothers to make sure they are doing all they can to set their children up for a lifetime of having a healthy weight.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one-third of all American children are at an unhealthy weight, which may cause them to be obese later in life. In order to help make sure that your baby does not join the ranks of these children, you need to practice healthy habits during pregnancy such as exercising and eating low-fat foods.

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