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Important Dates During Pregnancy

by Anai Rhoads

The average pocket EDC calculator is based on the first day of the last menstrual cycle in a 28-day cycle, so attention must be paid to the interval between the patient's periods (i.e. if the interval is 35 days instead of 28 days, then the EDC will be one week later than that determined by the pocket calculator; the opposite would hold true for a 21-day interval). Reliable dating by last menstrual period requires that the patient has had three consecutive regular, normal periods and not to have been on hormonal birth control during that time.

Pregnancy Test

Preconception Checklist

Wondering what to expect at your preconception appointment? The following checks or tests may be made by your doctor before making the decision of pregnancy, in order to ensure you will have as trouble-free a term as possible and good health for the growing baby.

Signs of Labor

Wondering if today is the day? What's the difference between dilation and effacement? Braxton-Hicks or the real thing? If you've lost your mucus plug will labor start right away? Learn more about the changes your body makes as it prepares for and begins labor.

Fetal Movements

by Anai Rhoads

A healthy baby is an active baby

In order to ensure your baby is doing well, you will need to monitor your baby's movements daily. The following is a list of how to monitor your baby's movements, which you can do after 20 weeks of pregnancy:

  • Make sure to count the fetal movements at least once a day.
  • Set aside a specific time, and do this the same time each day.