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confused about conception date

hi i need help, ok so im 33 and 2 days pregnant due on the 29th of may, i had an early ultrasound at 10 weeks which confirmed my due date, i have irregular periods and my last period was july 20th 2010, im wit my boyfriend 4 years an we were haven unprotected sex, on the 26th of august 2010 i had a 1 nite stand which was a HUGE mistake but it didnt last long as i stopped it but as far as i remembe

Spotting help

Since sunday 04/03/11 I spotted light brown, it is now 04/06/11 and i am still spotting a light to dark brown I am not having any pain. I did have a miscarriage 01/27/11 I was 5 weeks and six days bled until 02/01/11 a few weeks later I learned I was pregnant. I am so worried that this spotting may be a miscarriage.