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Sex at 3 Weeks Postpartum Too Soon?

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I am 3 weeks postpartum. I had an easy labor and delivery and my recovery has been pretty smooth as well. Even with a newborn and a 4-year-old at home I have felt really good and my husband and I decided to have sex last night.

We took it slow (for fear of it hurting). It was great. I wasn't sure what to expect as far as bleeding or spotting but I had no spotting right after or in the morning with when I woke up.

First Doctor's Appointment

Dear Midwife,

I just recently found out that I am pregnant. I missed my monthly and took a home test it came out positive. I am very happy about this. I have made a doctor's appointment, however it is not for another 2 weeks. I am a bit nrevous about this first appointment as I have no idea what is going to happen or what to expect. So I was wondering what to expect at this appointment, what questions will be asked, what will be done and things I should be asking about?

Thanks so much.

Spotting or AF? Has anyone experienced this?

Has anyone experienced a semi-heavy spotting? As far as right now i am unsure if i am pregnant.I have had been sexually active all last week. Now i might be spotting or i may have my period. However, i'm not supposed to get my period untill the 22nd and i got whatever this is the 14th. It was extremely light the 1st day, heavy the next, and now its back to light and it seems to have stopped. It's also a deep redish brown.