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pain on right side

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hi there im 22 weeks pregnant, i keep getting this sharp stapping pain in my rght side of belly near my hip, it comes on when i have been sitting down for a while, or when im in bed and i move it comes on and when the pain is there i cant lay on it, some times i feel the pain when i press it, i no my baby is fine cos i have felt her move could u help me?


hi im 18 years old i been with muh husband almost two years i lived with him for 5 months the last three months i lived with him were livin hell!!!he had told me he couldnt have kids i believed him n didnt use protection...for those three or four months i didnt get pregnant untill i was goin back home to california never expected i end up pregnant...three weeks had past n i didnt get my period so

2nd trimester venting

i dont understand this my husband was so excited when we found out i was pregnate, i was only 4 aweeks pregnate an he told everyone, i asked him not to being that it is personal an what if we lost it, it seems to me when it comes to the fun stuff..braging,touching the bump, going through names he's all for it, when it comes to understanding how i feel emotionally an with my body he just says rela

Naming Nuances

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This is my hubby's first baby, my third. He is thrilled, obviously, to finally have his own. If it's a boy, it will be named after him, Francisco Ramiro Rodriguez III... the baby being the fourth. However, if it's a girl (my first girl), he wants to name it something I abhor: Adrestia Patience Rodriguez. Ugh!

How Can Military Dads Stay Involved With Their Families?

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Dear Mr. Dad,
My wife and I are expecting our first child. The problem is that I'm in the US Marine Corps on tour in Iraq. I have been here since the beginning of the pregnancy and I might not be there for the birth of our child.

My wife is having a hard time doing this on her own and I feel that there's nothing I can do to support her. I'm reading your book, The Expectant Father, which I find very helpful. But do you know of any resources that are specifically aimed at military dads and/or their families?

help! I dont know how to tell my dad im pregnant?.

hey i need help I'm 22yr and I'm 3months prego now . yes i know how can i be afraid to tell my dad I'm pregnant well, I'm the baby of the family and he has always take care of me... and he wants whats best for me but he is very old fashion.. no sex before marriage kinda. well this is the thing I'm not marry and don't plan to get marry with BD. and I'm not even with him... and i live with my parents as well.. and i just got laid off so i cant even move out can someone help with advise plz i been trying to tell him or think of somehow to tell him but cant.

My husband wants me to have an abortion

I am currently 6 weeks pregnant. My husband and I have been together for 6 years and married for 8 months. This will be our first child, but he wants me to have an abortion. He feels we are not ready financially, although we both have pretty good jobs. Plus, he says we haven't even been married a year yet, so we should wait. I want to have this baby. But, I want to make him happy and I don't want him to leave. What should I do?

Not sure what to make of my husband

So we have decided. We are going to try for a second child. He is all for it. We are increasing our sex and not using any barriers. Yet, he keeps saying well I want to go on vacation before we get pregnant. Your not really ovulating right now are you? This is just practicing right? He keeps confusing the heck out of me. Either we are trying to have a child or we are not. There is no in between on this because what happens once I am finally pregnant? Then what. I don't understand and I am horrible at speaking guy.