Ask Mr. Dad

Excited about becoming a Dad? Not me!

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I discovered that we are pregnant. We weren't trying to get pregnant, although it was part of our plans maybe a year down the road. She has been on a pretty intense diet but the last few weeks she hadn't lost any weight and then she was late. Her dietician advised her to take a test as it wasn't good to continue on the diet if she was pregnant. We drove to the all-night supermarket and bought a couple of mid-priced test kits - after all if we weren't knocked up why waste money right? We got home and she took the test. Sure enough the pink line appeared.

Sleeping Arrangements

As hard as it may be to imagine, there exists a rather basic parenting issue that regularly generates even more controversy than circumcision or the disposable-versus-cloth diapers-debate: whether or not to have your child sleep in the same bed as you and your partner.