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Artificial Sweeteners May Make Weight Gain Easier

Artificial sweeteners may contribute more to weight gain than food rich in sugar. A study published in the Behavioral Neuroscience Journal has sparked a scientific debate on the role of calorie-free saccharine in obesity. The study suggested artificial sweeteners, which have zero or very low calories, seem to have destroyed the physiological link between sweet tastes and calories, resulting in overeating.

What's the Best Diet When Trying to Conceive?

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Dear Livitician,
My husband and I are 32 years old, and we have been trying to conceive for about 6 months. I have recently started to take a hard look at my diet, as problems with diet could be leading to our lack of conception.

I have read some studies citing the importance of including whole milk in the diet, and how low-fat and skim milks reduce fertility and can even be detrimental to conception. In contrast, I have also read that skim milk is important to include in a pre-conception diet. Which is accurate?

Food Label Focus

The labels on food can be your friend...or they can be deceptive. Learn how to decipher the labels and how to recognize "dietary deception." Deborah also targets red flags to look for on the ingredient list and explains why you might want to avoid foods containing these ingredients. Read on!