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What am I doing wrong?

I feel like I'm doing something wrong with the guy I am with. We will be together for a year in April, and we are going to have a baby. We tried for 8 months to get pregnant, but I feel that he doesn't want this. I feel as if I rushed to quickly, and now that he doesn't want nothing to do with me. He did cheat on me three times, but i forgave him, and moved on, but now I'm scared that, because he got me pregnant that he is going to cheat on me more, and not tell me. All I want is his honesty, and want him to be trustworthy to me.


So I just found out that I am pregnant, about 6 weeks along. It's an extremely unexpected pregnancy, and for my roommate/ex, an unwanted one. He's 19, not even 20, and for a while when we had talked before he had said we can't get pregnant because he can't have a kid at 19. Ever since I told him he's been blaming me for getting pregnant, saying I wanted to, that I'm one of those psycho girls who gets pregnant to keep their boyfriend around, and that I want to f*ck his life up.

I need Some Answers Help Please !!!

Hello, I Have Been with my boyfriend for over 14 months now and i am getting really broody as i have grown up with 5 nephews they are now embetween the ages of 8-15 months. My boyfriend has one child who he doesn't get to see but because of that he won't have a child with me. I also have the implant but he said i can't get it out because he doesn't want me to get pregnant. I really want a baby and have thought about it for a long time now.
what shall i do????

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Month 1 and 3 weeks

I don't know what to do about Joe. He wants nothing to do with the baby or me. I can care less about me but the baby now, come on. I know hes scared. He won't even take the DNA test. that right there tells me he going to try and dip out after Job Corps. I'm not sure if i can have this baby. What do i tell them when they ask about their dad? Oh man. I feel really sick. What can I do to get him to talk to me?


I have been under alot of stress the past week. My brother moved in with us because my parents dcided that they can't deal with him any more. He has been causing stress for my husband who currently got laid off. It's all dumb to me...

My husband doesn't like the fact that my brother isn't like his sister was when she was living with us... she stayed to her self and didn't want to hang out. My brother is the exact opposite he is a social bee... he needs to be doing something constantly...

part 3

So,today i woke up feeling more centered than I have in a really long time. I realized literally "overnight' A is the best a he knows how to be and it is not enough for me. I truley am going to be o.k. I am going to go to church today, I am trying to take all this pain and agoney I have expierienced over the last couple monthes and find some positive I think it is a good time to strenghten my spiritual self. I still miss A very much, but I need to figure out why , he never even gave me anything???

part 2!!

O.k so A and I met to talk on thursday, he said he needs time to clear his head this is so overwhelming right now. I told him take the time, but he was either all in or out. H e said he would be in touch. So two days pass, nothing,I resolve once again, that i am strong enough to do this on my own, I cry, then paint the living room, and wake up feeling stonger. Then today his mother shows up on my doorstep, to tell me i need to stop thinking about my self!!!!! That love is patient and kind and I have no idea how hard this is on HIm, and her and his father and brother!!! Seriously!

pregnant and dumped...starting over at 33!

So, where to begin, basically, here I am, 3 monthes pregnant, and alone. You would think, after 2 failed marriges with three older kids in tow I would have learned my lesson. I am not stupid. I am smart and successful, as a personal trainer. I have my own home a paid for vehicle, and 3 beautiful children,Alicia,15 India, 10, and Gavin 6. They are wonderful beautiful children. But here I sit, alone and pregnant again, you may ask, what anidiot how could she let this happen,truth is I wonder that myself. When I met A I thought I had finally met my soul mate.