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baby and didnt know it.

my name is Brittani and this is my a 14 year old girl ill be 15 in august. i had sex with a boy i was dating for about 5 months. he told me about 2 months ago he was leaving to go back to his home town in honduras. it was hard for me because i didnt know how to tell him i was pregnant. when he left he asked me if everything was okay i lied and said yes everything is fine. one of his friends found out that i was pregnant and called him and told him. he called me two days later and told me he would have stayed if he would have known that.

What to do?

I am currently in a non-committed relationship, however it works for us. I am 28 and he is 36, both work in the city live out of the city in the same town. I have a pretty average income, his compared to my own...way above average, but compared to others really decent. He lives on his own as do I. We agreed to be friends or open to just date w/freedom to date others. Recently I shared with him my secret that I keep to myself especially when it comes to males. I am diagnosed prone to ovarian cysts, and my doctor however sweet (you know can report you may die if we don't stuff...

Managing Emotions

My wife and I get along great except I just don't know how to handle it when she comes to me to complain about a situation at work, or when she is emotional over something. I try to help her but no matter what I do, I just seem to make it worse.

How Can We Put a Baby in This Turmoil?

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Dear Relationship Expert,
Hello. My boyfriend of one year and five months and I recently found out that I am 9 weeks pregnant. We've had a mildly stormy relationship in the past but lately we seem to be creeping into a massive twister. He is perpetually suspicious of me cheating on him, not due to any shady behavior on my part, but more or less because of experiences he's had with women in the past. He perceives all women to be sex driven and deceptive in relationships. I feel that I've proven myself to be quite faithful.