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month of january

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This is my first time having a child, but I have been pregnant twice before. I have two miscarriages last year and as devastating as it was I waited a long while before I got tested to see if I'm pregnant again even though I have all the signs that I am. Finally I found out and I'm almost done my third month. My first two miscarriages never made it to the second month.

So Many Questions! We are Trying!

Hi! My husband and I have been off the pill for months and we made the decision to start trying for baby #2 recently! We looked at an ovulation calendar and going off the first day of my last period being Sept 23rd, my ovulation dates were Oct 4-9th. I took a pregnancy test today although I knew it may be a little early and it came out negative. Today I started bleeding and having period cramps.


I found out I was pregnant back in January when I went to my 2nd doctors appointment when they did the ultrasound they didn't see anything in the gestational sac. So they sent me over to the hospital and they did another ultrasound they didn't see anything either. Well long story short I had a D&C in March. Well now it's September and I just found out I'm pregnant again.

How to start looking for symptoms

I'm only a few weeks from conception and my period is due the 7th of Sept. I know I have to wait for my missed period but I feel very different. Its only been a could weeks but I'm getting headaches everyday, I'm very exhausted when I even wake and can barely do anything through the day. And I am hungry all the time. I'm very impatient. I took 6 tests and they were all negative. Too early?

Could I really be pregnant?

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Could I really be pregnant after a tubal ligation surgery that i had done almost 6yrs ago? I've been having some strange symptoms. The one that struck me the most is how sore my breasts are and i still have 2 weeks til my cycle. I've been dizzy, tired, and all I want to eat is McDonalds fries and their vanilla ice cream cone. Plus I feel a fullness in my uterus, if that makes sense, and some cramping as well. Not to mention the headaches. I thought it was from caffeine and that maybe i was getting ready to start my cycle but then I realized it was still 2 weeks away.

10 weeks, first OB appt at 12 weeks...

this is my 5th pregnancy, and I am currently 10 weeks along.
My first ended in a loss at 14 weeks, with hearing the heartbeat at my first OB appt at 10 weeks. My second pregnancy was a little over a year later, ending in the birth of my daughter (now 7). About 7 months after she was born I got pregnant again, ending in a loss at 12 weeks. That was in 2003. In Jan of 2010 I found out I was pregnant again, and lost it in Feb of 2010.