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It's so unbelievable

All he ever said was that he wants to marry me...I saw him on few occasions eating raw eggs with his cereal and sometimes with yoghurt...and i thought thats a bit potent...and we have been umping like crazy rats/rabbits...LOL!

I am 7 weeks pregnant this is my second baby...i never had issues with my first who will soon turn 3 in june...but with this one i find myself dizzy and this morning i have had a runny tummy...been to the loo for almost 5 times already...and felt like vomitting all at the same time...my appetite is a bit low.

What will happen now?

I don't know if I'm pregnant or not. I'm a college student and am 20 years old. Almost 21. I have not started my period yet and I'm very worried. I don't know what will happen should I be pregnant. My boyfriend is amazing so I have no question if he'll support me or not. I know he will! But this will change everything! We were so careful, I'm still not sure how this is even possible. I'm on birthcontrol and we used condoms every time. Yet, I've been on birthcontrol since I was seventeen and NEVER been late. I always knew the day I would get my period and it always started.

very confused

ok i have a problem and i need advice asap ok my LMP started on feb.8 and it was suppose to come on march 10 and it didnt i went to the hospital and they did a urine test on march 15th it came out negative my period still hasnt return i had some light spotting on 19th but it lasted a few seconds my period is never late like tis i have 2 other kids and i have been having symptoms like nausea vomitting tender breast i went to see my family doctor on 18th but he wouldnt give me a test due to i told him the on at the hospital came out negative the 16th i feel like i am but is not sure please hel

Vitamin B6 delayed ovulation and shortened my luteal phase

I have noticed in previous cycles that my LP is only 10 days. Ovulating on CD18 of a 28 day cycle. In trying to increase my LP length I decided to take Vitamin B6 100mg along with my pregnancy vitamin. I started taking it on Day 1 of my cycle and I didn't ovulate until a day later than usual on CD19. I am now on CD25 and have already started spotting for the last 2 days (bloody mucus and tar like old blood) I also feel like my period is coming. Why has the Vitamin B6 seemed to have the opposite effect on me than it does on other women? How can I lengthen my LP? I am at my wits end...

i think i may be pregnant

I have been on dianette contraceptive pill for a while now. Last week i forgot to take a few pills and had unprotected sex. the pills i forgot to take were in the first week, so im worried that i may be pregnant. my period isnt due for a few weeks yet. I just am not sure whether to carry on taking the pill or stop taking it until i no if i am or i am not?
I have got pregnant before whilst on dianette a year and a half ago but i misscarried.

I'm new

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I'm a 21yo, 1st time soon-to-be-mom. I have Crohn's disease and so my pregnancy is high risk. I've had 2 surgry's related to the Crohn's,have had a few demeral shots due to bad migraines,I have pain that is on the sacrum that feels like it's a pinched sciatic nerve, and my dr. said that in the last ultra sound(profile pic), that I have placenta previa. So I need advice because I'm very worried and I have no idea what to expect.... If anyone has any useful information for me please let me know!!

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