Dr. Mark Moore: Pregnancy and Pediatrics

More sex

So far so good in not having our sex feel like a chore. We are just taking it slow. Besides I read that there is only like a 10% chance of getting pregnant anyway. Which actually bummed me out a little. Not that I thought it would be so so easy or anything, but I thought it might be a little easier!! Oh well. Like I said it my earlier blog, I'm really trying hard not to get mesmerized by the possible very early pregnancy symptoms. I do have to admit though I really hope it happens soon Smile

Not sure if I'm pregnant or not

This is a very long story. But in order to get the most accurate answer I would need to tell you everything. So my husband and I were having unprotected sex for about 2-3 weeks from about the end of May into June. We were using the "withdrawal method". I would love to have another baby but the timing isnt the best right now, just b/c i've only been working at my job for almost a year come september. I dont want to risk loosing it by going on maternity leave when the time came. But anyway, I went to the doctor on june 6th for a regular examination(pap smear).

almost 5 weeks

I am about 5 weeks pregnant and so far I've felt cramping daily but no morning sickness. I think this is normal, but someone scared me by saying that morning sickness meant a healthy, strong baby. I'm thrilled to not feel sick yet, but should I be worried? Also, is green tea a good thing during pregnancy?

Pregnant with the Mirena IUD

After doing a lot of research myself I couldn't find much information on what to do if u found out you were pregnant with the IUD still in. I was wondering if anyone has had the same symptons. I went to the doctor because around Christmas I was having sever cramping so I wanted to get it taken out. I had my normal exam and then my OB did an ultrasound and we were both shocked to find out I was Prego. I was very upset and had to go home to think about what I wanted to do. I wasn't expecting to have 3 kids and the IUD worked for 3 1/2 yrs so why not now?

The Beginning...

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Well, where do I begin? I haven't been feeling well at all lately. I feel like I'm getting the flu, but who gets the flu in June? Biggrin Nausea, loose bowel movements, feeling like something is in my throat every time I try to swallow (like just a tiny bit of puke is resting there at all times), an emotional rollercoaster, headaches, etc. But I had my period on the 31st, 1st, 2nd and 3rd of June. Short and light, but definitley a period.

High Hopes

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Again this month me and my boyfriend didnt have any luck on making our child. i am starting to give up hope! I made a doctors appointment to see what is going on so hopefully we have some kind of closure on what is going on. I dont know what i am doing wrong or what is wrong. i chart my ovulation dates and we follow what we need to do. I am at an ok weight for conception...i havent started takin folic acid or nothing yet. but if you have any advice please email me!

Thank you!


My journey through pregnancy and chronic illness

I have learned that I am pregnant. The concern is that I have a chronic brain illness that I am under the care of specialist's and pain and seizure management. For the last week and a half I spent the whole time shuttling back and forth to specialist's. The same one's that said I could not conceive, well, I think that was wrong! LOL! They all gave me the go ahead and informed me of the risks of medications and pregnancy and they have altered them to ensure proper neural tube formation. I am an extremely pro-active in my health and this is a surprise!

What is going on with me?

hi there, my last period was on 4/17/2009 and i still have not started, i have several symptoms of pregnancy but all BFN's.
i do know my periods are irregular but nothing like this, is there any reason why my period is so late, im not stressed that i know of, and if i am pregnant why isnt it showing up and what do i say to the doc to have her give me a blood test, she is kinda not wanting to hear it i guess..

First Trimester Abdominal Pains All Day Long

I am roughly 10 weeks pregnant and I feel nauseous and bloated and continually have slight pain in my abdomen all day long. I feel pain when I bend over, or sit cross legged; it seems I can only be comfortable when standing or lying completely flat.
I have had a miscarriage before, and this is my second pregnancy. Is the abdominal pain normal?
And should I be taking certain vitamins to avoid miscarriage?