Jack Newman: Breastfeeding

If you're having difficulty breastfeeding, there are many places that you can get help. Jack Newman gives excellent advice. You can read his articles, go to your Pediatrician and/or Ob, a lactation consultant, and breastfeeding support groups. Not all health care professionals are supportive of breastfeeding. If your doctor can't help you to effectively breastfeed your infant, then look for a certified lactation consultant in your area.

Jack Newman

Jack Newman graduated from the University of Toronto medical school as a pediatrician in 1970. He started the first hospital-based breastfeeding clinic in Canada in 1984 at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children. He has been a consultant with UNICEF for the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative in Africa, and has published articles on the subject of breastfeeding in Scientific American and several medical journals. Dr. Newman has practiced as a physician in Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa. He has written a series of instruction sheets to help women get started and succeed at breastfeeding.