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Anai Rhoads: Researcher/Writer

From the politics of the body, to the politics of food, Anai has contributed some thought provoking articles that will stimulate and educate.

Ann Douglas: TTC to Teens

You'll find resources dedicated to preconception, conception, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged kids, preteens, teens, and, of course, their moms and dads.

Ask Mr. Dad

Fatherhood...there's no question that dads are important. Kids with active fathers are happier and better adjusted than those without. Nevertheless, we're bombarded with images of neglectful, uninterested, deadbeat, and lazy dads. These images begin with the announcement of the pregnancy,...

Ask the Child Psychologist

A good relationship with your children gets you through the hard times and creates more frequent good times. It helps you listen to, learn from, and meet the unique needs of your growing child. It doesn't change your kid's personality, but it makes it easier for you to influence him, so he's...

Ask the Doula

Ask our doula about your upcoming labor and delivery, what you can do to get prepared, and get empowered!

Ask the Family Activities Expert

At your wit's end after hearing "I'm bored" one too many times from your kids? Looking for ways to inspire imagination and creative play? Need suggestions for celebrating an upcoming holiday or obscure feast? Kas Winters has thousands of ideas to help you and your kids make the most of every day...

Ask the Family Pet Expert

Now is your opportunity to ask our family pet expert about all your concerns and worries. Do you wonder exactly what is involved in getting a new pet? Are you worried that your dog may not welcome the new baby as enthusiastically as you and your partner? Does your cat think the crib is the most...

Ask the Fitness Expert

Our fitness expert can answer questions about your exercise routine, nutrition concerns, what you can do to get prepared for labor, and creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself and for your family.

Ask the Lactation Consultant

Now is your opportunity to read what our lactation consultant has answered. Your concerns and worries, questions about getting started, latch/position, pumping, nutrition or whatever is on your mind that's related.

Ask the Legal Expert

Brette McWhorter Sember is a retired family attorney and mediator and nationally known expert about divorce and parenting after divorce.

Ask the Midwife

Now is your opportunity to ask our midwife all your health concerns and worries, questions about your pregnancy, nutrition or whatever is on your mind that's related. You'll get real and honest answers.

Ask the Nutrition Expert

Choosing foods and initiating a healthy lifestyle for your family can be a weighty (no pun intended) obligation. What should you buy? Does it matter how it is prepared? Are some foods unsafe for babies or during pregnancy? Deborah A. Klein, MS, RD, our "Ask the Nutrition Expert," will be...

Ask the Relationship Expert

Happily Married...with kids! If you are like many parents, that phrase feels like a long lost dream. Along with that tiny bundle of joy comes a pile of new priorities and a required shift of lifestyle. As more demands are made on families, many couples may sense they have married a stranger....

Ask the Ultrasound/Dreams Expert

Ask our ultrasound expert about what to expect or what your results mean, what you can ask your doctor, or what's on your mind about ultrasounds and your dreams!