Pregnant and Proud: Fashion Tips for Moms/Mums-to-Be!

black dressIt is a common misconception amongst many women that pregnancy means a few months of feeling fat and frumpy. This should not be the case. In fact, pregnant women should embrace their beautiful pregnant selves and have fun translating their signature look into their temporary new body shape. Shopping for clothes during pregnancy should be just as much fun as shopping for clothes at any other time, you could even use the opportunity to change your style and try new things. You can look great pregnant just as you can at any other time.

Buy Maternity Clothing

Adapting your clothing style to pregnancy does not mean trying to squeeze into your existing clothes. A mistake many women make is to think that they can ignore maternity clothing entirely and buy non-maternity clothes a few sizes larger. This may work in the early stages of pregnancy but not in the latter stages when your belly has blossomed. You may hide a bit of your bump with the extra fabric that non-maternity clothing has but you will also swamp all your body's other stunning curves.

Celebrate Your Bump

Maternity Clothing' title=There is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman showcasing their belly and pregnancy cleavage. Embrace these and show off your new voluptuousness and radiant pregnant glow. You will find that tops which show of the contour of your pregnant belly are much more flattering that the 'tent look' where you try to cover up with yards of fabric. Your cleavage will rarely look better so why not wear some low v-necks and show it off?

Essential Items

The following items are must haves for the second trimester onwards:

• Black Dress – black dresses are slimming and match everything
• Stretch Pants – these will accommodate your growing belly
• Maternity T-shirts – wear these under undone button up shirts for a layered look
• Maternity Jeans – these offer comfort as well as well as style. These don't necessarily have to be baggy. In early pregnancy a pair that sits on the hips is great, and for later on in the pregnancy choose a pair which are stretchy or have flattering panels. A stretchy denim fabric also offers the most comfort


Extend your maternity wardrobe with lots of accessories. This will allow you to stick to a basic wardrobe of white, black and gray items while at the same time livening things up with bright and beautiful accessories and jewelery. Wearing different accessories will also keep your look fresh, even if you find you are wearing the same tops and dresses over and over again. Scarves, chunky jewelery, head-wear, and broaches will all brighten up your look.


Finally, you will need to be sensible with your footwear. Your feet increase in size during pregnancy so at some point you will need to get some new comfortable footwear which won’t aggravate those swollen feet. Heels are definitely a no no in terms of comfort, you should stick to flats and wider shoes. Another good tip is to stick to slip on shoes as you won't want to be dealing with laces when you can hardly reach the floor!

For staying fashionable without sacrificing comfort during pregnancy consider the following types of footwear:

• Loafers – great for a casual, stylish look and comfortable to boot
• Sneakers – the ultimate in comfort and will forever be in fashion
• Clogs – these are backless and therefore reduce the pressure from the back of your feet
• Sandals – good choice as they allow air circulation which keeps the feet cool

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Yeah! Celebrate Your Bump. Don't Wear or Buy Baggy clothes. It will only make you look larger than ever. Buy clothing that shows off the sexy pregnant lady that you are.