Getting Pregnant

tryin not to get my hopes up....

at this very moment i could be pregnant.

its funny the way people, including myself, believe everything happens for a reason.
when i was younger i always dreamed of 2 beautiful little boys. beautiful colorful dreams filled w/ sunshine. they were mine. they were always about the same age. as lovely as i could imagine. but dreams, only dreams.

in my early 20's i was diagnosed w/ PCOS and HPV .
i'm now 27.
so early on i knew my odds of having children, being that i never cycled unless on the pill.
i am, however, aware of when i ovulate. i didnt often but i knew when i did.

Never give up!

Hi everyone, my name is Terrie im a 34 year old mom from Austin. I wanted to share my story because its been a true miracle that i am even writing this. A little history about me i got married young and had my son who is now 13 (going on 14). A couple years later i decided that i would try for #2. I got pregnant so easily with my son that i thought it would be a slam dunk.. Well, the weeks turned into months turned into years... I tried EVERYTHING you can think of eating super healthy, exercise, herbs, accupuncture.............Nothing.


About a year ago I found out I was pregnant for the very first time. That morning I had told my husband that I thought I was pregnant and he just waved it off, not really believing me. To his defense I had thought this or that must be pregnancy for a little while before that. I had been so worried about getting pregnant before my wedding. However my wedding had just passed and i just knew that I was pregnant this time.

Playing the waiting game...

I am new to this site and just wanted to say how EXCITED I am to have found it. I am 26 and have been wanting to start a family for about 4 years. However, life takes its toll and it somehow seemed that it was never the right time. I have now finished school and I got married last April. I was finally ready and my husband wasn't. I was devastated, I just figured we'd be ready at the same time, I hated wondering when he was going to be ready...would it be months, days, or years??

TTC update

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So, its been a few weeks since we decided to try to get "with child". I abruptly ended my BC 2 weeks early.. I had a week of bleeding.. no clue what that was about..then i saw some mucus i thought was ovulation mucus so we made it a point to attempt fertilization that night.. a couple days later I then bought an ovulation testing kit and the day i started it, it said i was about to or in the process of ovulating... then the next day when i tested again the indicator strip on the test turned the darkest it could turn..looked like someone took a marker to it.. then yesterday I had cramps.


Last night as we lay in bed we started talking about names that we like for a girl. I told Chris that the my favorite name right now is Madeline and he seemed to really like it as well. So then we started putting together Madeline with other names for a middle name and came up with Madeline Rene'. Neither of these names have any significance or meaning to us we just like them. We then realized that Madeline could be shortened to Maddy and we thought that was really cute.