Getting Pregnant

To be or not to be...

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That does seem to be the ultimate question for a woman as she tries to conceive. Are these symptoms I'm feeling pregnancy related or period related? Hmm.. only time will tell. Unfortunately I'm not a patient person so I've been sitting on pins & needles waiting for my period to come - nothing yet.

Before I ever started taking birth control pills my period functioned like clock work every month, always starting in the morning (what a happy thing to wake up to) and 28 days apart. About every 3 months I would have a short cycle of 24-25 days or a long cycle of 30 or 31 days.

Risk of Recurrence Meckel-Gruber Syndrome

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Dear Experts,
I have lost two babies to Meckel-Gruber syndrome. The first baby died at 12 weeks gestation; the second died at 15 weeks.

I really want another child -- my first child is now four and it's been 7 months since Angelina died.

Is it likely I will loose a third child in a row? I wasn't aware of this disease and then I loose two in a row, so I really need reassurance. Is it possible for me to have a normal child? I know we have one, but Megan wants a brother or sister and I really don't know what to say as she is only 4.