Getting Pregnant

Trying and trying

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for a few years now. We have run into problems in the past such as an ovarian tumor where the tumor and an ovary had to be removed. We also are struggling with weight loss to help us conceive. We have just recently started fertility testing. Please feel free to follow our journey on our blog we just started.

And we wait...

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So here goes nothing! I got my ovulation pain Sunday the 17th and I without a doubt ovulated! I was horny as all get out! Kyle couldn't get home fast enough! And of course we went at it like animals but it was also very intimate for us with conceiving a child in mind. So now yesterday I'm a little freaked out cause my nipples started hurting like crazy.


The month to month waiting game is so hard, and honestly the stress of it could also, I think, be delaying fertility. So, im trying anything I can to relax myself from excersizing(w/o overdoing) yoga, nature music sounds, and making my home seem more relaxing and less stressful with candles plants good smelling cooking and fregrance oils even use calming bath things. Its still seems so hard.

Starting a New Job

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I've taken the leap and started my full time job. It's making everything more real. I'll be pregnant soon and dealing with a whole new set of challenges on top of learning a new job. It may be a little too much too soon, but I was already on the path to a baby before this job came along. I decided that I didn't want to change my family plan because of a professional opportunity.