Getting Pregnant

Finding Out

After several days of worrying and fear, I took a test on Sunday, December 13, 2009. The test turned positive almost immediately. I knew it would, which was why I waited all weekend before taking the test. I had no other symptoms at all at this time, until the middle of the night on Saturday the 12th. I thought my breasts felt a little full and that's when I pretty much knew.

What Every Woman Ought to Know About Dollar Store Pregnancy Tests

Saving money always gives me an adrenaline rush. So imagine the rush I felt when I discovered that dollar stores now sell pregnancy tests and are giving name-brand competitors a run for their money. 27 dollar-store pregnancy tests were tested and compared the results with the early-response name brands. The dollar store brand was 100% accurate.


So I've been reading on a few websites on and off today at work. Mostly about fertility and getting pregnant after you go off the pill. I put 9 books on hold at the library! One for my hubby and one that I'm expecially excited for, "What to Expect Before You're Expecting". I've also been reading all about pregnancy! The blogs, FAQ's, and websites are full of all kinds of information. Some of it breaks my heart to read about these wonderful women who want nothing more than to have a family. It makes me thing of how my mom must have felt. She and my father tried for 10 years to have children.

Here Goes Nothing!

My husband and I have been married for almost a year and a half. We've decided that it's time to bring a baby into our family! We have a wonderful 4 1/2 year old yellow lab, but we've been feeling like something's missing. (How cliche does that sound?) I went to the OB for my yearly check-up a few weeks ago and got the 'ok' to go off the pill. I have two weeks left of my pack and I'm starting to get NERVOUS! A zillion thoughts have been running through my head, "Are we too young? Are we being stupid? What if something goes wrong? What if we can't get pregnant? Is our apartment too small?

I think this is a little abnormal... my HCG is lowwer then it should be. Can you advise me?

My last period was on the 24th of August and here I am surely pregnant with a HCG level of 9432. How is that possible??? I should be about 2 and 1/2 months pregnant, yet my HCG level shows 6 to 7 weeks. So I'm abit confused with the results and my last period. And for sure my belly doesn't look 6 to 7 weeks pregnant. So I truely need some advice from the wise.