Fertility Issues & Erectile Dysfunction

Stress and Infertility

If you have been trying to get pregnant, chances are that you have heard, "just relax and you'll get pregnant." Stress can have a dramatic impact on one's reproductive life. Many women with infertility will share with me that they do not feel like "real women" and are not members of the club who have experienced pregnancy and childbirth.

Lubricants and Trying to Conceive

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Dear Sexperts,
My wife and I are trying to conceive. She doesn't lubricate naturally from foreplay such as touching her vagina or sucking her nipples. We even watch porn together. I have to perform oral sex to her which she enjoys very much.

The problem is that we cannot use saliva because germs in the saliva can kill the sperms. We also cannot use KY lubricant since it also kills the sperms. We used baby oil (it was suggested in a book) as lubricant. We do not feel anything when we have intercourse because the baby oil is so slippery. What can we do?