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Pregnacy after Tubal Reversal

So the doc told us yesterday that she is willing to untie my one tube to try have a baby. I have 2 children from a previous marriage, one boy and one girl and really thought I was done. After being remarried for 3 years, my kids are 11 and 7 and we want one of our own at last. My husband has never had a child before, and we are both very excited. The first step is infertility tests to make sure there wont be any problems so we can go ahead with the surgery. Then the surgery to untie my one tube. The other was taken out during my tubal 7 years ago along with the adjoining ovary.


Idk what Im doing here, Im so lost... I have so many issues that I don't even know where to begin.
So, I'm 28, my bf is 37. In April 2009 is our 10 year anniversary. We've been trying for a child for so long. We have never used protection,and I have yet to get pregnant. :o( I am just to the point that I am so overwhelming saddened. My cycle has been irregular since my very 1st one.

Can His Boys Swim?

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Hi Sam,
We've been trying now for two years to have a baby. At this point I've undergone multiple tests with no answers. My doctor has recommended my husband be tested for fertility issues.

His immediate response seems to be that I'm somehow questioning his sexual abilities. Trust me -- THAT part is fine!

How is it that women are supposed to go through the testing and that's ok, but the same isn't true for guys?


New to site

Hello to all.. I am new to doing anything like this I never thought to log into this site for help (emotionally)... but I need support from people that are going through the same thing I am. So I am hoping that you guys can welcome me in. Thanks