Preparing for Pregnancy


I have made my decision to have another baby! I am very excited and looking forward to start trying. I am a little nervous but i think that is normal. I had to have a C-Section with my first daughter and I was not a fan! But i am jsut hopeing because that C-Section was not planed that it made it even harder. But I still remember the day that I got to take little Hayden Ashley home, the most perfect day! Seeing her little hands and feet was amazing, seeing her today is just crazy! She is three years old and just full of life!

This is hard work

Well finally I have a place to release all of my emotions!!! My husband and I have been married for 6 months and we started TTC in April. Now I know it is easier said than done especially since my husband had surgery 2 months ago to remove a brain tumor that was screwing with his hormones bigggggg time. Well now that everything is almost back to normal we decided to try to have a baby. Well we tried last month and it didn't really work out. I'm 23 and I'm new to this whole new world of trying to have a baby.

Feeling stupid.

Ok here is the thing, I just recently got married about 9 months ago and we had planned on starting to try getting pregnant in August and I started taking folic acid about a month ago. However I noticed during my last period that it was way light and not the normal length. No biggie right? I started on wenesday and then it stopped on saturday morning when it should have gone til monday evening when it usually stops. I thought it was stress and my husband and I did stuff on sunday, before I took my pill. So on monday I got spotting early the next night and it stopped after about 15 minutes.

All Confused

They say when a woman's pregnant, she just "knows." Call it woman's intuition, call it whatever you want but it's been known to happen. It worked for my grandma, my mom, and my sister. They just knew they were pregnant and then took a test. It was positive. Now, enter me: I feel like I am. I totally believe that I am but when I took one test, positive, and then another, negative. How often does that mean someone is pregnant?

I'm just so confused. I want to be pregnant so bad. I want to have a baby but it seems like I can't get pregnant and then this crap happens.