Preparing for Pregnancy

Top 10 Ways to Get Him into Babymaking

Let's get to the very crux of the parenting matter -- conception and sex. There are some very important do's and dont's that every woman out there needs to know to get the best performance from their steed. How can you keep him on the job at the crucial times without turning what should be everyone's favorite past time into an experience to rival milking time at the dairy?

How do I plan my pregnancy..??

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Me and my husband are just startig out and the past weeks I have been just reading about "understanding my fertility", "how to conceive" etc..I feel I am pretty much getting the hang of it but now I am finding I have understood the TTC knowledge that i'd needed and now its the matter of "when"..
I am tracking my temp everyday, I am following my chart, I am taking my CF readings properly
So, when would you say, I go about reading on pregnancy?? "What happens when ur pregnant"
"How to care for the baby"
"How to bring up the chid"
When do I start reading up on all of that?

Gym Membership for Pregnant Women

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Dear Fitness Expert,
My husband and I are now planning for a baby very soon and want to get our bodies in shape both mentally and physically. I am uncertain if I should join a gym for physical fitness.

Our daily course of work is not physically demanding. My husband is very active in his gym training and has been doing weights for months. I, on the other hand, have been very lazy but I want to do some sort of a physical exercise now. My body mass weight is in proportion to my height. I'm 5'6 and weigh 58kgs.

I really like dance-aerobics or aerobics...

The Whole Journey

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After only 18 months of being on birth control pills (five different types), I have given up on it. The first two gave me unbearable cramps and sore breasts. The third one made me a total emotional wreck for half the month. The fourth and fifth gave me migraines every day. Dh and I really thought long and hard about the choice to go off of it. We have been married a little over 5 months, and because of my age (32), we want to start TTC in the next few months. That's the background, which leads me to today.

The Big Decision!

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So I am new to this site... My husband and I have finally made the decision to start trying for a baby and I couldn't be more thrilled! I'm still in school, due to walk across the stage in May for my bachelor's degree and then we're on to a new duty station...very close to family. I'm just really excited to take this next step in our life together. This blog is just to basically introduce myself and ask for any tips or advice on getting pregnant and dealing with anything that comes along with it. Hopefully the wait isn't too long and I'll have another post soon with good news! Smile