Preparing for Pregnancy

In the cards...

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So the test was negative. I ran out the door, holding my morning piddle, for another pregnancy test. It turns out that I am not pregnant. Even the first test I thought read positive wasn't. Disappointment. But what this 24 hours of baby brain showed me is that I'm ready. I have my Mister, we have the support and I know I will be a great Mom.

End the Pre-Pregnancy Weight Plateau

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I am 26 years old and obese. I have been working hard to get to a healthier weight before my husband and I start trying to conceive. I have lost 15 pounds so far but the holidays have slowed my progress. I haven't gained any back, but I haven't lost any in over a month now. I am sticking with my work out routine and back on track with my eating habits.


So, my fiance and I are gonna try have a baby. We've talked and thought about this and it's my dream to have a child. However, something just keeps sitting in the back of my mind. We're both young but more than prepared, I just can't help but think, what happens if we can't concive.
that thought terrorfies me like never before. Is this normal? please give me some advice (=

Bli gravida

Well the title of this little post is actually swedish for getting pregnant and that's what I and my fiance are kinda debating right now. She's already got a 10 year old son from a previous relationship but now we're feeling secure enough (duh) to seriosuly consider getting a child together.

The Beginning!

So me and my fiance have just decided to try for a baby! I'm so excited! I jumped straight on the internet to look up as much pre-conception info as i can find just to do something with all the excited energy I've got at the moment! I know it could take a long time and me being a bit of a control-freak am probably going to get a little frustrated come birth-plans and delivery but we will see.