Trying to Conceive

Creating our family

As this is my first blog, I feel the need to give some background on our situation. My husband and I have been actively trying to conceive. We knew there would be some type of a challenge. At age 13 I started my period and it was regular for 9 mo. I then started my period and it lasted for 3 months straight, I was only a freshman in high school.

Second Try

My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for almost a year when I found out I was pregnant in January. I got pregnant right after I quit my very stressful job. A week after the positive pregnacy test I had a miscarriage. I was pretty upset but I knew that it was meant to be. We are currently trying to conceive again.

Hello Everyone

Hi everyone , Im new to bloging so im just going to go for it. This is my 3rd month ttc and Im really hoping that this month is the month.. My period is due on Monday, and im not having any of my "usual" signs of my period which usually is mild cramping which is supposed to happen through out this week .. but didn't.