Trying to Conceive


So I just starting bleeding this afternoon and I am not sure if it is implantation spotting or if it is my period having come 3 weeks early. I have a bit of cramping in my stomach and back. I have only had a small amount of bleeding, less than a small spoonful probably. So I am crossing my fingers on the implantation bleeding.

Strange Cramping

So, for the past couple days I have been experiencing some stomach cramping that is unlike any that I have had. My ovulation has never felt like this and I know my period can't be coming now. If it is some kind of implantation cramping I would be very suprised because I dont expect to ovulate for over a week.

In the cards...

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So the test was negative. I ran out the door, holding my morning piddle, for another pregnancy test. It turns out that I am not pregnant. Even the first test I thought read positive wasn't. Disappointment. But what this 24 hours of baby brain showed me is that I'm ready. I have my Mister, we have the support and I know I will be a great Mom.


Two hormones must be produced for normal ovulation to take place. The mature egg is stimulated by two hormones secreted by the pituitary (follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH).


my husband and i have decided that we want to try and have a baby. i want to but im so trying to figure out what should i be doing, this would be our first time trying to concevie does anyone have any advice

13 months and counting.

I have began a blog to clear my head of all the thoughts about my journey of TTC #2. Im not sure how it works but Im gonna do it anyways!! It seems like after 13 months of consistently ttc we might never get pregnant again. Our little girls goin to be 3 soon and I wish we could give her a little brother or sister. Im not sure how to approach it with my husband.