Trying to Conceive


So, my fiance and I are gonna try have a baby. We've talked and thought about this and it's my dream to have a child. However, something just keeps sitting in the back of my mind. We're both young but more than prepared, I just can't help but think, what happens if we can't concive.
that thought terrorfies me like never before. Is this normal? please give me some advice (=


ok so im not rlly sure who i should be asking this to but my husband and i have been tyrin 2 conceive for about 8 months and nothin....however my periods hav been late, i have been rlly gassy and im nauseated all the time i have headaches..i itch and my breast are tender but my test keep showin up neg?? what are some of the things him and me could could do to increase our chances of havin a baby?


I had my period 16 days ago. I have been off the pill for nearly 1 year and been trying to conceive only since my last period. I am feeling nauseous today and have had tender breasts for a few days. I did a pregnancy test today and it was negative. Could it be too early to detect bHCG? Is it possible that i still may be pregnant? I know i will soon know, if my period does not come.

Impatient for over a week...not anymore:)

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Ever since the morning after we started trying, I have been wanting to know if I was pregnant. We bought early tests that very weekend (5 days later LOL) and although I know you cant tell so early, I tried all 3 tests within the next 4 days. Of course, NEG. I even found myself getting discouraged. I kept reading how long it could take before a successfull attempt...blah blah...negative negative.

So Many Questions! We are Trying!

Hi! My husband and I have been off the pill for months and we made the decision to start trying for baby #2 recently! We looked at an ovulation calendar and going off the first day of my last period being Sept 23rd, my ovulation dates were Oct 4-9th. I took a pregnancy test today although I knew it may be a little early and it came out negative. Today I started bleeding and having period cramps.