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My period started last month on the 23rd and ended a week later. My husband and I had unprotected sex two times after that during my fertile period. My period is due soon. About a week ago my tummy was upset and ever since thern I have been gassy and bloated. Yesterday I noticed that my pubic region is pooching out and it is firmer. I have also been sore.


So, my fiance and I are gonna try have a baby. We've talked and thought about this and it's my dream to have a child. However, something just keeps sitting in the back of my mind. We're both young but more than prepared, I just can't help but think, what happens if we can't concive.
that thought terrorfies me like never before. Is this normal? please give me some advice (=


ok so im not rlly sure who i should be asking this to but my husband and i have been tyrin 2 conceive for about 8 months and nothin....however my periods hav been late, i have been rlly gassy and im nauseated all the time i have headaches..i itch and my breast are tender but my test keep showin up neg?? what are some of the things him and me could could do to increase our chances of havin a baby?