Trying to Conceive

Could I really be pregnant?

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Could I really be pregnant after a tubal ligation surgery that i had done almost 6yrs ago? I've been having some strange symptoms. The one that struck me the most is how sore my breasts are and i still have 2 weeks til my cycle. I've been dizzy, tired, and all I want to eat is McDonalds fries and their vanilla ice cream cone. Plus I feel a fullness in my uterus, if that makes sense, and some cramping as well. Not to mention the headaches. I thought it was from caffeine and that maybe i was getting ready to start my cycle but then I realized it was still 2 weeks away.

Tip for Getting Pregnant

I'm currently in school for this ancient medicine and it can be really successful in treating infertility issues. Just from working in a student clinic, I have seen women get pregnant after trying acupuncture.

On top of that it is really helpful in treating all women's issues. PMS- doesn't have to be part of your life. Menopausal syndrome/ hot flashes- don't have to be so bad.
I personally have been treated for morning sickness & it worked wonders.

Relieved at this point

Right away while trying to conceive we picked up one of those fertility monitors. It's the Clearblue Easy one where it tells me which days to pee on the stick and then it'll tell me either that I have low fertility, high fertility or peak fertility on any specific day. After this last period, which dear God I wanted to die from, I was getting anxious. Days 6-12 went by without even a high fertility day... I started getting worried. I've been so stuck on the idea of pregnancy that I think I've been tricking my body into believing that I am.


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My boyfriend and I have decided that we're going to use condoms this month because I start my new job next week and I want to make sure my insurance kicks in before I get pregnant. It's going to be weird because we've never used condoms before. He understands where I'm coming from though, and I think it makes sense. I'm not going to go back on the pill for a month just so I can go back off and have my hormones all out of wack all over again. I hope this works. With my luck I'll get pregnant anyway even if we use a condom just to mess with my time line.

Negative Again

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Well, I took another HPT this morning and it was negative. Although I'm 4 days late on my period. I guess since it's still negative, my period must just be late. I mean, my last period was 7 days late. So, since I don't want to waste anymore money on HPT, I guess I'll just wait 3 more days for AF.

Sad oh well, better luck next time.


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Well, I took the HPT this morning, the day after my period is supposed to start and it was a big fat negative. Not pregnant Sad Oh well, I guess I can't get too discouraged since I've only been off my birth control for 2 months and the first month I wasn't trying, but this past month me and my hubby have been quite diligent in our love

So, I guess I'll just wait for my period....if I don't start by Friday, maybe I'll take another test since I have one left, just in case this one was wrong.

Trying for #2

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Okay, so my hubby and I are trying for baby #2. We already have a healthy little girl that turns 2 next month, but it's time for her to have a sibling Smile We were married 1 1/2 years before I got pregnant the first time and we weren't even trying. I just happened to forget my birth control (nuvaring) and OOPS, hehe, but I'm glad it happened. SO, this is the first time that I'm actually trying to get pregnant. It's so exciting, but nerve racking...I hate the waiting!