Trying to Conceive


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So, I'm sitting here on what should be the second day of my period with nothing so far. I'm not sure what to think since this is the first month in nearly 7 years that I've been off the pill. I could just be adjusting to having my hormonal freedom back, or I could be pregnant already. I'm not going to get my hopes up one way or another, but I think I'm going to go buy a pregnancy test.

Maybe this is the beginning of the rest of my life at a mother.

the beginning

well the test results are in and its saying that i have POCS and inorder to have another child I need help. So on friday I go to the Gyno to start my 1st round of Clomid. I am freaking out over the high chance of twins as I already have a 7 yr old. But thats a chance I am willing to take after 5 yrs of trying to have another baby join our family I am just about willing to do anything I can. I am hoping real bad that this will work and will work very soon.

Trying to Get Pregnant

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Baby #2?

Well here we start. June 25th Craig and I had my Mirena IUD removed. I had been bleeding heavy at the time and that continued for numerous extra days after. Since it has stopped we have started on "operation baby making" almost every night since. Hoping it happens soon due to my personal health history of when I'm not on birth control. Our 2 year old needs a playmate Smile

On the Road to a Family

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So today is day 1 of my quest to become pregnant. I stopped taking my birth control pills after my last period which started exactly 21 days ago. Technically, I could already be pregnant, but I just don't think that it's going to happen so fast. I'll know in a week I suppose, but I'm confident that it's going to take until August or September for it to happen. We'll see, everything will come together when it's supposed to.


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So really? You here the word period and secretly cringe, or maybe not secretly! But for me it has a whole different meaning!! It means, I have one down, one more to go! Before I can start trying that is! I was never so disappointed when my Dr told me I had to wait 2 whole periods! I thought oh man 2 whole months? Then I most likely wouldn't get pregnant for another 6 or so, needless to say I was upset, but would rather have a healthy baby, than a fast one. So I agreed, and went on. Well you can imagine my surprise when I woke up Friday morning to the awful gift!!

Goodbye birth control!!!

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Well today I did it! I went up to my drs office and had the mirena birth control removed, I was so scared that it was going to hurt or that I would have some symptoms I read about, but all it was a bunch of cramping, and very light bleeding!! Now I am on my way to making babies!! It all seems so real now! My dr told me to wait at least 2 periods before trying to conceive, so I guess we are going to go with that, even though my excitement is almost to much to bare!!We picked out a girl name for sure last night, it will be Piper Jane, Jane for my grandma who passed away in 2008 of cancer.


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My husband and I have been together for almost five years now, and married for almost 4. We found out we were pregnant with our first child Hanna five months after we had been together, needless to say we moved way to fast for a couple who were barely in our twenties. Back then we were just stupid kids thinking the world was at our fingertips and that nothing could slow us down, we learned otherwise the day the pregnancy test said pregnant. Now my daughter is three and the light of our lives, she makes everyday worth all the struggle we went through and all the worries and fears we had.

April 28th

Well today starts the cycle, I started today, according to my calendar I should ovulate around the 9th of May possibly to the 16th. So here goes round one. I have never had trouble concieving in the past but it has been almost 9 years since my last child and things have changed. I am excited and ready for the journey.