Trying to Conceive

Confused & TTC

I am concerned and not ready to go see my doctor.
I had my period start and stop 3 times last month which is very unusual.
I have not had my period AT ALL this month (November).
I have had lots of lower back pain, cramping, moodiness, headaches, and vaginal pain.
The vaginal pain is an off and on thing, but when it hits its pretty bad.
I have pain during sex, which is not comfortable.
I had sex once last month.
I am concerned that something may be wrong or I might be pregnant.
Can someone give me some advice?

Excited about getting pregnant but also SCARED OUT OF MY MIND!!!

I'm 29yrs old, and as you can see by the subject line, I'm both excited and scared out of my mind about pregnancy. My boyfriend and I have been together for 7.5 years, and have recently made the decision that it's time for children to make an appearance in our lives. Since coming to this mutual agreement, I haven't been able to think about anything else. The day we discussed starting a family involved coming up with names...and how we're going to rearrange our apartment. I've been so excited about it, that I've told all of my family that we're going to be trying in the near future.

OMG got a positive for my ovulation test strip

I'm so excited on the 11th day of my cycle I test positive for ovulation, I was not a believer of these test strips. so me and my husband happen to make love the day before and then that same day I test O and the day after. Sooo now it's a waiting game, I just hope I was able to conceive sometimes I think that this month is not my month. So I don’t know if I did right by one, not continuing to test my urine for LH (I thought that it would oka to stop being that I already tested positive) and secondly, we only made love those three day's.

Concieved the day after I had paragard taken out

On tuesday october 21. 2009 I got my paragard taken out. THe next day I was ovulating and had US. My husband said: "do you think that was the golden shot" and I replied 'no that is rather unlikely'. I had read, that usually after paragard the uterus lining needs to recover and woman should go through one full cycle before becoming pregnant so the fertilized egg can actually plant in.

I am, I am not

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So I gave birth to my son on September 4, 2009. It was a pre-term birth at 18 weeks. About an hour after delivery I had a DNC. My next regular cycle was October 11, 2009 -- I'm due November 7, 2009. I have several reasons to think I'm pregnant:

1. my nails are growing like crazy -- the never did and only did during my first pregnancy
2. I have a metal taste in my mouth
3. I'm having heart burn
4. I'm tired
5. Appetite has been increased and a little "off" in taste
6. My smell has been majorly sensitive
7. My cervix was very high and very soft

TTC after 2 miscarriages

I've read many of these forums and decided it's about time to put my story into words and hopefully it may help someone else. We got pregnant in April 2008 (wasn't TTC at that time) but miscarried at 7 weeks. I was able to get pregnant again rather quickly in August 2008 but unfortunately lost that twin pregnancy at 8wks. Had many tests, laproscopy, ect but nothing found. So fast forward to the present and we've been TTC for 5 months now. I'm hoping this is the lucky month but I'm trying not to dwell on "phantom symptoms". I am only 3dpo with 28 day cycles.