Trying to Conceive

If only they knew

I really need to get off this website and get my mind to a better place. I'm sitting here all alone at 3:29 in the morning and because of this website all I can think about are my poor little angels.
A month after my last MC my sister and her husband decided to start trying. I was so much more OK with this than anyone in my family has ever been with any of my pregnancies. I want to be happy for her and in my own way I am. I also can't help but feel like a green eyed monster.


Idk what Im doing here, Im so lost... I have so many issues that I don't even know where to begin.
So, I'm 28, my bf is 37. In April 2009 is our 10 year anniversary. We've been trying for a child for so long. We have never used protection,and I have yet to get pregnant. :o( I am just to the point that I am so overwhelming saddened. My cycle has been irregular since my very 1st one.

What's the Best Diet When Trying to Conceive?

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Dear Livitician,
My husband and I are 32 years old, and we have been trying to conceive for about 6 months. I have recently started to take a hard look at my diet, as problems with diet could be leading to our lack of conception.

I have read some studies citing the importance of including whole milk in the diet, and how low-fat and skim milks reduce fertility and can even be detrimental to conception. In contrast, I have also read that skim milk is important to include in a pre-conception diet. Which is accurate?

Trying to Conceive - Husband has Hypothyroid of Range 40

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Dear Midwife,
I am trying to conceive but nothing positive is happening. I am quite healthy & got a few tests done like hormone, glucose, protein, blood pressure, etc... and all were normal.

My husband has hypo-thyroid in the range of 40. Can this be a cause of delay in pregnancy? Can this affect our child's development in case I get pregnant?

Should he consult a doctor before family planning?

Please suggest...I am worried Sad

Rachita Kamal

We are trying to get on our way...Tmi but, looking for opinions

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So the hubby and i are looking to have that first baby. so as always we have intercourse. But, this time my vagina was super wet.During oral sex i felt this tingling sensation. Almost like after an orgasm but,I had not had one yet. My vagina was just super sensitive. He said it felt soft and that every time he entered my vagina he felt like he was bumping into something. It kind of felt uncomfortable to me but, he enjoyed it. Could this be a sign?

Another day closer

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On day six of cycle 1 of the second try. I honestly hold very little belief that we are going to get pregnant right off. We didn't last time and I doubt we will this time. I have a small nugget of hope that we will be able to but I still haven't been sleeping well at night thinking about things. I wish I had faith...I guess this is when most people turn to their religion or something. I just have to turn to science, which doesn't support me very well in all of this. The likelihood of it happening again is the same as before, and since it happened before, it could again.

Three more days...

Three more days until the morning of August 14 which will be 31 days since my last m/c. Where is af? She should have shown up today but no dice. Not that I'm complaining! My breasts have been super sore the past week or so and today after breakfast I almost threw up. I've been a walking zombie no matter how much sleep I get. I know these things are really happening but what if there's some other cause? I'm trying hard not to get my hopes up. My dh is getting his hopes up too even though I've been strongly encouraging him not to. It is our first month trying after all.


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Today was a little crushing. i was surfing around looking up facts about post depo TTC...well suffice it to say the nurse's casual "it may take take some time to get out of your system" wasnt very specific. they asked me before my first shot if i planned on getting pregnant that year, and i said no because i wasnt. so i continued for about 3 injections (9 months) and when we decided it was beebee making time i quit.