Trying to Conceive

Progesterone Levels After Ovulation

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Dear Midwife,
We have been trying to conceive for 9 months now so last month I had my progesterone blood levels checked on day 21. They came back as 14 which my doctor says indicates I did ovulate. However I have been looking things up on the net and they all seem to say levels need to above 30 for ovulation.

I am 42, have a 20 month old who was conceived 2nd month of trying and then had one miscarriage conceived after 2 months as well. I am worried now that due to my age I have run out of eggs. Is my doctor mistaken?

A day at the circus...


So Wednesday will be the "finally taking care of loose ends day" after what has seems to be the craziest 2 years we have finally decided to go back and see the RE- I really dont want to get my hopes high to only be dissapinted - I always saw myself with like 4-5 kids running around, am I blessed to have DD - yes I am most women don't even get that chance- but that still doesn't lessen the urge to want more children - we thought fostercare would be an option - 1 year 3 months later- not a reality - so This is all or nothing...

Getting Pregnant Again with Low Sperm Count

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Dear Midwife,
I am 25 years old and trying for a second child. It took my husband and I almost 6 years for our first child. We had testing done and I was fine but he had a low sperm count. The doctor said that it was very unlikely that we would conceive without in-vitro or artificial insemination. However, 8 months after the testing, we were successful in getting pregnant on our own.

I was just wondering if it was likely that it would take us a such a long time this time.


If only they knew

I really need to get off this website and get my mind to a better place. I'm sitting here all alone at 3:29 in the morning and because of this website all I can think about are my poor little angels.
A month after my last MC my sister and her husband decided to start trying. I was so much more OK with this than anyone in my family has ever been with any of my pregnancies. I want to be happy for her and in my own way I am. I also can't help but feel like a green eyed monster.


Idk what Im doing here, Im so lost... I have so many issues that I don't even know where to begin.
So, I'm 28, my bf is 37. In April 2009 is our 10 year anniversary. We've been trying for a child for so long. We have never used protection,and I have yet to get pregnant. :o( I am just to the point that I am so overwhelming saddened. My cycle has been irregular since my very 1st one.

What's the Best Diet When Trying to Conceive?

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Dear Livitician,
My husband and I are 32 years old, and we have been trying to conceive for about 6 months. I have recently started to take a hard look at my diet, as problems with diet could be leading to our lack of conception.

I have read some studies citing the importance of including whole milk in the diet, and how low-fat and skim milks reduce fertility and can even be detrimental to conception. In contrast, I have also read that skim milk is important to include in a pre-conception diet. Which is accurate?

Trying to Conceive - Husband has Hypothyroid of Range 40

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Dear Midwife,
I am trying to conceive but nothing positive is happening. I am quite healthy & got a few tests done like hormone, glucose, protein, blood pressure, etc... and all were normal.

My husband has hypo-thyroid in the range of 40. Can this be a cause of delay in pregnancy? Can this affect our child's development in case I get pregnant?

Should he consult a doctor before family planning?

Please suggest...I am worried Sad

Rachita Kamal