Trying to Conceive

TTC 16 months

Hi Ladies

I am a 34 year old, who has been TTC for the past 16 months, with no luck, waht so ever!!! I got my self checked out and so did my hubby, everything is good, just we have no luck.

I should get my period on Sat/Sun (28-29 day cycle), but know I am feeling pain in my right side (like a menstrual pain) na dreally wied, funny tinglig pain, what is this? am I pg?

Is anyone out there, that has the same "sensations", I would love to hear from u

I really need answers, no i haven't been to the doc. yet, sicne I should get my period this weekend, I wanted to wait.

Thanks Smile


Isn't this where everyone starts..the beginning? I've just recently decided, after many years of saying that I didn't want anymore children, that I'm ready to "start over". Its kinda funny (not in laughing funny kinda way) that now would be the time that I would decide this, because my health is worse now than its ever been. Now, don't take that the wrong way, because it isn't like I'm dying or anything close to it. I have recently found out in the past 6 months that I have diverticulosis and a hiatal hernia, both of which can and sometimes do cause me a lot of discomfort.

It begins...

So we just started trying. And I'm not sure how I'm going to handle the whole waiting thing. I'm a very decisive person and my husband and I decided we want to have a baby. I want to get pregnant now. We even went and bought and ovulation kit (this is only my first month off of BC). I started testing on the day it told me to for the LH, but after day... The time I was supposed to ovulate and no sign of the LH. I've always had a 28 day cycle and I don't understand why I haven't ovulated. I don't want to go through months of this. I'm afraid I will get so disheartened.


Here we go again. All last year I was trying to conceive but with no success. I've been doing some reading more so now than before. Lately i've been really serious about TTC and I have since starting using ovulation predictions kits and sperm friendly lube whatever increases my chances of conceiving. So the 27th of June was my ovulation day. We had sex before and during my ovulation day and will probably try again on today. I'm hoping for all the best. According the ovulation calender, I should be expecting my cycle on the 9th of Jul but I'm hoping for a positive pregnancy test instead.

High Hopes

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Again this month me and my boyfriend didnt have any luck on making our child. i am starting to give up hope! I made a doctors appointment to see what is going on so hopefully we have some kind of closure on what is going on. I dont know what i am doing wrong or what is wrong. i chart my ovulation dates and we follow what we need to do. I am at an ok weight for conception...i havent started takin folic acid or nothing yet. but if you have any advice please email me!

Thank you!