Trying to Conceive

Impatient and anxious

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So, DH and I were successful with the BD'ing on the day I should have O'd, so now I'm waiting on whether or not AF is gonna rear her ugly head. I am 2 days from starting AF (according to my cycle length before m/c and D&C) and have not noted any of my usual telltale signs of spotting yet. I have planned to take an HPT this coming Wednesday, provided AF doesn't show before then. I do feel like maybe I am pregnant; like that instinct only a woman has about her body. Like the first 2 times I got pregnant, I just knew. I kinda feel like that now and hope I'm just not playing tricks on myself.

The Journey Begins - Chasing the Egg

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Well, here I am 1.5 weeks after AF awaiting ovulation for this coming Monday. DH and I are already "practicing" for O day and I gotta say, it has been fun to say the least. Smile We have been BD'ing every other day since Monday, and I plan on making it daily by this Saturday and doing it twice on Monday. DH is very excited about this plan. He can't believe I'm gonna wake up early on Monday to BD before work lol. For me the more sex we have the sexier I feel, which makes me want to do it more. Good combination for wanting to conceive.

Slight detour

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Got another call from my OB yesterday. When he scheduled my D & C he had asked if we wanted him to send the tissue out for an analysis to see if a reason could be found as to why the miscarriage occured. He had called to let me know that a karyotype had been performed and an extra chromosome was found on chromosome 15, thus causing the pregnancy to terminate. I asked if chromosome 15 carries any genetic abnormalities such as when chromosome 21 has an extra chromosome, the baby would be born with downs syndrome.