Trying to Conceive


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The wait is over and the proverbial clock is reset back to 0:00. The rest of life continues on, we get one step closer to buying our new house each day and it seems the more I pack away, the more stuff I find. >.

The irony is, originally, we'd wanted to wait until we were in Alabama then made the collective decision to not wait. Now, it seems, we may just be waiting anyway.

*watches the clock start ticking away again...*


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I am starting think think this is never going to happen.

I am the second oldest of 4 sisters. My elder and one of my younger sisters have had at least one child each, and my youngest sister is nearing the end of her first trimester with her first. None of them had any issues conceiving at all. My youngest sister was even told that the likelyhood of her being able to carry to term was slim to none, yet yesterday she had her ultrasound that showed her healthy, perfect little baby.

maybe next month...


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Dear Midwife,
I just turned 30. I was diagnosed with PCOS approximately 1 1/2 yr ago. We have been trying for about a year to get pregnant but with no success.

What are my options for fertility drugs? And what is my next step? My next doctor's apt is not until June.