Trying to Conceive

Give Up Training to Conceive?

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I already have a beautiful 21-month-old girl and we have been trying for our second baby. So far nothing has happened. Could my exercise regime be the cause? To shed baby weight after the last pregnancy I took up exercise. I use the treadmill and weight train more or less 5 times a week and love it as I feel really fit and healthy. Do I have to give up training to conceive?

Getting to the Mountaintop

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Several years ago, there were not many websites devoted to conception, birth, etc. when I was pregnant with my first child. I was forced to read pamphlets from my doctor's office, advice from older female relatives (being very careful because they are superstitious) and a generalized book on pregnancy that a friend had lend to me. So, imagine my surprise to find oodles of sites listed when I searched the Net simply using the word "pregnancy."

TTC #1 - "We are each of us angels with only one wing..."

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"...And can fly only by embracing each other."

I'm Lindsay. I'm 25. My DH, Jeremy, is 26, almost 27. I'm at the end of my 10th cycle. It's depressing, and I'm pretty sure AF will show up soon. I'm hoping for a longer LP since my signs for PMS showed so early. Who knows. Maybe I'll get lucky and end up pregnant, but I doubt it. My chart isn't looking good. I wouldn't know what pregnancy feels like because I've never been pregnant. I can only compare what I feel to PMS by saying that it's similar. But isn't is similar EVERY month? Basically, the answer to this is simply yes.

Miscarriage Facts

Intercourse, falling, and exercise does not typically cause a miscarriage. The fetus is well protected by the mother's bones and muscle as well as by the amniotic fluid. There is also no evidence that conceiving while taking birth control pills increases the risk of miscarriage.