Trying to Conceive


Spermicide comes in many forms. Currently on the market, we have a variety to choose from. There are foams, suppositories, films, creams and gels available without a prescription. Spermicides have a success rate of 85% if used properly. It is suggested that you use a condom in addition to the spermicide or Pill.

Pre-Pregnancy Checklist Helps Prepare Couples

So you have decided to have a child. Congratulations. Welcome to a whole new world of choices. Never before have your decisions had such a profound impact on another person. Everything you eat, drink, breathe and touch can affect your baby. But before you throw away your morning coffee or tea take a few minutes and read these common sense thoughts on pregnancy.

Breast Stimulation: Okay If TTC?

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Dear Midwife,
My husband and I are have been married 10 months and are talking about having a baby. Since we started talking about it, I've been paying closer attention to my periods and have noticed that they come anywhere between 24 to 30 days. This concerns me because we are both in our mid-30's and I know that my chances of conception is lowering by the year.