Trying to Conceive

TTC - again pt 2

Well... I was just on here yesterday, spilling my guts. I decided to stop off at Rite Aid and buy some more pregnancy tests since my last one didn't get me a result. I took it - not pregnant. I was completely not ready for the swarm of emotions hitting me when I saw that. I started to cry immediately, then hate everyone, then get angry. All these other people get pregnant immediately following a chemical pregnancy, WHY haven't I? For that matter, why did I have a chemical pregnancy anyway, when everyone around me is pregnant? Why is this so hard for me?

TTC again

Well.. my boyfriend and I have been TTC this month following my chemical pregnancy. I have never tracked my ovulation, but I'm pretty regular with AF and she hasn't showed up yet. Two days ago I was extremely sad - for no reason - so I assumed she'd be here by now. My emotions always go nuts right before I start. When I google things about chemical pregnancies (something I spend way too much time doing), most people return to their cycle just like they had had a "period" with their chemical. If I tracked mine that way, I should have started last week.

Clomid Success Stories

My hus and I decided to start TTC early this year. Went off BC after 2 years and started to suffer from post pill amenohrrea. I have never had any issues with PCOS and all labs came back normal. After 3 months and no AF went to GYN. Was prescribed provera which induced AF. We waited for O but was unsuccessful after 26 days so made an appointment for clomid. We ended up getting O the day (cd28) I filled my prescription so I did not take it. Two weeks later had a light period and then no O the next month.