Trying to Conceive


Hi My name is Carla and I am fairly new to this website. Since getting married in October 2010 me and my husband Helder have been trying to conceive. We wanted to do it naturally but because it was never happening I made an appointment with my OB/GYN and in March 2011 I was told I was to do a number of tests that included blood work and a sono-hysterogram. Good news! My fallopian tubes are not blocked but there is some bad news. I have PCOS. Basically I don't regularly ovaulate making it hard to me to get pregnant.

Second Try

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We're now finishing with our second month of TTC. I was really disappointed when I didn't get pregnant last month. It happend so easily with Rylee, I just assumed it would happen just as easily this time. Now my "perfect" plan is skewed and if we get pregnant this month it would be an April baby. Nothing wrong with that, but my Dad and brother both have April birthdays. Guess we could just possibly have ANOTHER April birthday.


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Well I hope I don't have an ectopic pregnancy. No period, no positive pregnancy test yet and some lower abdominal cramps-sort of like regular cramps but Im starting to doubt that it's actually cramps cuz everytime I feel the little ache, I'll burp or pass gas. But Im on edge about it! I wish I'd either get my period or get a positive test already! Im tempted to buy the super sensitive pregnancy tests but then I think, well if I wait long enough my hcg levels will be high enough to tell. *sigh* We'll see. IT"S DRIVING ME MAD THO!!!