Trying to Conceive

The Waiting Game:

I went off the pill because I couldn't afford it, got my period a couple of days after stopping the pill as usually happens once a month. The last day of that period was on March 7, 2011. It is now May 4, 2011 and I have still not gotten another period. A couple weeks into April my breasts got really sore especially my nipples and I had some light bleeding and TERRIBLE cramps. By light I mean barley anything just pinkish when I wiped. I thought for sure that was the start of my period.

Why can't I get Pregnant?

I am 28 will be 29 in July. My goal was to have four beautiful children by the time I was 30. Well it doesn't look like that will happen. I have two beautiful children now. A 4 year old and a 2year old. One boy and one girl, I got lucky. However for the last year to year an a half we have been trying for another. I had a check up to make sure everything was fine.

I wish I knew

Well the past three weeks have been pretty rough…. Jason (DH) is getting ready to go in for surgery on his shoulder. And well I have been feeling really “off”. Normally I do not get tired during the day, but for the past three weeks I will be fine, full of energy and then all of a sudden I am ready to crash I can't wait to go to bed, if that was not enough I have been getting random headaches and not just a small one, but the kind that no matter what I do or take I cannot shake it.

Something's Going On

My last period started on March 31, was heavy the first 2 days than very light the next 2 days. I wasn't keeping track of when I ovulated because I was focusing on losing weight more than anything. On-line charts say that I should have ovulated around the 11th. A couple days ago my skin started to really break out, which hasn't happened for a long time.



I'm worried that pregnancy will be impossible for me because my cycle is so irregular. I've been tracking my periods for over 2 years and right now, my average cycle lasts 56 days so it's really difficult to pin-point when I'm ovulating and when's the best time for us as most online tracking tools aren't designed for cycles this long.