Trying to Conceive

The Waiting Game:

I went off the pill because I couldn't afford it, got my period a couple of days after stopping the pill as usually happens once a month. The last day of that period was on March 7, 2011. It is now May 4, 2011 and I have still not gotten another period. A couple weeks into April my breasts got really sore especially my nipples and I had some light bleeding and TERRIBLE cramps. By light I mean barley anything just pinkish when I wiped. I thought for sure that was the start of my period.

I wish I knew

Well the past three weeks have been pretty rough…. Jason (DH) is getting ready to go in for surgery on his shoulder. And well I have been feeling really “off”. Normally I do not get tired during the day, but for the past three weeks I will be fine, full of energy and then all of a sudden I am ready to crash I can't wait to go to bed, if that was not enough I have been getting random headaches and not just a small one, but the kind that no matter what I do or take I cannot shake it.

Something's Going On

My last period started on March 31, was heavy the first 2 days than very light the next 2 days. I wasn't keeping track of when I ovulated because I was focusing on losing weight more than anything. On-line charts say that I should have ovulated around the 11th. A couple days ago my skin started to really break out, which hasn't happened for a long time.

Better Start at the Beginning...

First things first… sorry I am not follow any of the “blogging rules”. I am more or less using this as a venting spot for me. My DH, Jason, and I had met on myself in December of 2005. He was living in VA while I was still living in NY. We had first met in person in early March 2006. We started dating on March 10, 2006 and I moved down to VA and moved in with him on March 15, 2006.



I'm worried that pregnancy will be impossible for me because my cycle is so irregular. I've been tracking my periods for over 2 years and right now, my average cycle lasts 56 days so it's really difficult to pin-point when I'm ovulating and when's the best time for us as most online tracking tools aren't designed for cycles this long.