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My husband & I have been trying to get pregnant for a few years now with no luck until last July when we were blessed with twins. We were so excited & everything was great we did everything & anything to better ours & prepare for the arrival of our babies. But when I was at 13 weeks I miscarried without any warrings. My doctor couldn't even explain what happened especailly since I had just had a great check up 12 hours previously to the miscarriage.

What is going on with me?

hi there, my last period was on 4/17/2009 and i still have not started, i have several symptoms of pregnancy but all BFN's.
i do know my periods are irregular but nothing like this, is there any reason why my period is so late, im not stressed that i know of, and if i am pregnant why isnt it showing up and what do i say to the doc to have her give me a blood test, she is kinda not wanting to hear it i guess..

Another sad Mother's Day

So Mother's day has come and gone, although I appreciate my family and friends that wish me happy mother's day because I care for my pet rabbit, Juicy, I always feel sad at my current position in life. OUt of all my firends I am the only one who is not married or not a mother or not living with a romantic partner, and now dead single. I get very sadd and depressed when I think about the time limit I feel I am on, and the issues that I have to overcome to reach my dream. Bieng a mother is not a dream I am willing to give up.

I am just so ready!

Anyone else feel that they are just so ready, but just can't make it happen. I am 31 and turning 32 tomorrow. I have a 2 1/2 year old and I am just so ready to be pregnant again. It took us a while to pregnant with my daughter, but it all came to be naturally. I know that I ovulated yesterday according to my ovluation test strip and the way I felt. I knew that something was happening down there. But now I am in the 2 week wait window. Truly, 2 weeks is nothing. It will go by so fast, but right now it feels forever away. I would love to chat with anyone in the same mind set.

Another Let Down

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Well its been bout 6 months now of tryin to get pregnant and nothing has happened yet. when i was 14 i was digonsed with hpv but my gyn told me that wouldnt afftect me having a baby when i was ready. but im starting to wonder if they were and my fiancee have been trying for the past 6-7 months and nothing has happened. im starting to worry that i can have kids... if anyone can help please email me.


what does it mean when you have a particularly late period

I am been trying to get pregnant with my husband for over a year (year and few months) and my periods seem to be very irregular. In the last six months, they have ranged from 28 days to 34 day cycles. This month and until yeaterday i was convinced i was pregnant (i was on day 34) and had tiny amounts of brown spotting for two days and no cramps. Then yesterday i started properly towards the end of the day. I was absolutely gutted. It was my longest cycle ever. First question; Could i have been pregnant but m body rejected it?

First Response - Conception Diaries

Hi everyone!

I'm so excited to chat with other people trying to get pregnant. I found this and thought people might be interested in checking it out!

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"To anyone trying to conceive, you’re not alone. Here are the personal stories of 5 incredible women as they deal with the reality of trying to get pregnant - told by them, about them."