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Dad Returns From Active Duty Hours Before Baby’s High-Risk Birth

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Jonathan and Megan Keeney were expecting their first baby, a boy, Jaxon on June 6, 2012. Megan was to be induced and intubated for what was to be a somewhat risky delivery. Little Jaxon had been pre-diagnosed with a heart defect and would require immediate surgery after his birth.

What Does a Doula Do? Birth Coaching for an Easy, Joyful, Loving Birth

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This is an informative and positive handbook, it combines practical tips with personal birth stories to help Mum and Dad to stay calm, enjoy the pregnancy and achieve a more natural birth. Drawing on her extensive experience as a professional Doula and mother of four, Kim empowers women to give birth to baby without fear and to have a memorable experience for all the right reasons!
by Kim Turton
Birth & Post Partum Doula
Breast Feeding Counselor

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Hard times can lead to happy times :-)

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I've been through alot of hard times. I had my first baby, Nicholas at 35 weeks, My first daughter, Charlize, was stillborn at 23 weeks, after her I had my second son Lochlan, He was stillborn at 28 weeks. After 2 miscarriages I found out I was pregnant again, and understandably I was very nervous the entire time, I could never relax. I just kept hoping to make it to the next milestone, 12 weeks, 18 weeks, 20 weeks.