I just found out I'm pregnant yesterday!

I just found out yesterday that I was pregnant. And the bloodwork just came back this morning so I talked to my doctor. And I am infact pregnant. Probably only a few weeks. Since this is the first time pregnancy for me, I'd like to know as much about what to expect, stories, everything on pregnancy. I have a few books including What to Expect When Expecting, i just want to know all different things from all aspects. I'm very excited and so is my fiance, but yet I'm also very nervous because all I can think about is the pain parts of pregnancy, espesially labor, and I'm not good with pain.

Consistent Contractions at 37 Weeks

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Dear Midwife,
I am 37 weeks and have been having consistent contractions for the past 4 days. They typically are 15-20 minutes apart, but some have been as close as 5-7. They do not go away or slow down no matter what I am doing.

I'm wondering if I should call my doctor and how long I can expect this part to go on. I am even waking up every 45-60 minutes at night with them. Can I do anything to get things going quicker? My nerves are shot! HELP!!

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2 before 20

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So my first pregnancy was when i was 15 years old and it was during my sophomore year of high school. not really my fault or anything, just put myself in a bad situation but hey couldn't change the past. but i found out my child was gonna be a boy and i was happy. when i was 16 i had him. he was due may 1st but he came 2 wks and 4 days early. it was apr. 13th 2007. he was 7lbs 6 oz and 20.5 in. long. i named him trentyn xavier. his labor/delivery was really easy, only about 5 and a half hours long and with no pain meds and vaginal, with an episiotomy. i gained about 45 pounds with it.

Will My Labor Pains Never End?

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Dear Midwife,
I am in my 38th week of pregnancy and have been having contractions for about three or four weeks now. The baby has dropped into my pelvic area and the docter said that I am fully effaced and dialated to 3. But it hasn't changed over the weeks and the docter won't do anything about it, he just keeps sending me home.

I have tried walking, intercoarse, and so on and still nothing. my plug has aleready gone, but no water breaking, and the pains get so bad that I am in bed constantly.

I'm not sure of what else to do... All this work for weeks and no show!

It's Your Birthright! Understanding Your Rights During Labor and Delivery

An expectant mother can feel like a specimen and not like a person with legal rights and individual preferences. Expectant mothers do have the right to control their medical care, to make choices based on information and to refuse care. Learning what your legal rights are will help you feel more in charge.