Memorial Wall

We have created this space to pay homage to, honor, and remember our little ones, family members, relatives, and loved ones we have lost recently or over the years. If you would like to add your memorial to our wall, please e-mail us and we'll add it to the wall. Please include all the pertinent information like names, dates, and a message if you like (please no more than 500 words, spell checked). We extend our deepest sympathies to your families. You can use the search below to find your specific memorial or browse through the pages.

In memory of my twin angels

In memory of my twin angels,
I never got to hold the two of you in my arms, we never saw your faces but the image of you will always live in our hearts and minds until we are able to meet again. The joy you both brought to us when we found out we were having two was overwhelming; I was going to be the proud mom of twins. You are missed here on Earth but were needed more in Heaven for there is something bigger and better for you both that I will never know. You both will be well-taken care of by our first angel lost at 8 weeks of pregnancy October 1997.
With all our love, Mommy and Daddy
Miscarriage at 11 weeks, December 2, 2003

Meet you in Heaven, love Mommy and Daddy xxoo

Meet you in Heaven, love Mommy and Daddy xxoo

In Honor of Baby Boy Baker

In Honor of Baby Boy Baker, Lost but Not Forgotten, February 1976. My name is Breanna, I am 22 years old, I have 2 older siblings and I would like to honor the brother I never got to get to know and the life that he gave up, so that I could have one. My mom and dad got pregnant shortly after my older brother was born. 3 children was all they wanted to have so my father got a vasectomy. At 12 weeks into the pregnancy, the baby boy went to Heaven. With much determination of my parents (mostly mom's part) and a reversal of dad's vasectomy, I was conceived and then born on April 24, 1981. If that baby boy would have survived, I wouldn't be here. I owe him and God everything for sacrificing his life so that I could have one of my own. I love him dearly even though we never knew each other and I will never forget him. There aren't enough words to describe what I feel when I think of the big brother I never knew and what He gave to me. Thank you so much. We all miss him and love him dearly.