Memorial Wall

We have created this space to pay homage to, honor, and remember our little ones, family members, relatives, and loved ones we have lost recently or over the years. If you would like to add your memorial to our wall, please e-mail us and we'll add it to the wall. Please include all the pertinent information like names, dates, and a message if you like (please no more than 500 words, spell checked). We extend our deepest sympathies to your families. You can use the search below to find your specific memorial or browse through the pages.

My Andre Ryan Jackson

My Andre Ryan Jackson
Conceived on March 18, 2007
Due December 23, 2007
Died December 12, 2007

To my wonderful son, I will never forget the day when I told everyone you were my angel from God. Your daddy and I miss speak of you everyday and miss you everyday. Our heart is lost without you but we know that right now you are in the hands of the Lord.

We miss you dearly,
Mommy and Daddy

Birth Date March 2, 2006

Birth Date March 2, 2006
Date of Death June 14, 2006

In loving memory of Jackson

Even though we had you for a short time, you managed to change our lives forever. You were a happy baby and smiling all the time. Those are the times I will cherish forever. We miss you very much and think of you all the time. I know you are Mommy and Daddy's little angel and are watching over us every day. But it is still hard to not have you to hold. I know time will heal all wounds, but every day is still a struggle. You will be in my thoughts forever and I know we will meet again. So until then, I love you Jack.

Ashley Weaver

Kyla Marie Faley

Kyla Marie Faley

Due March 17, 2008
Went to be with the Lord February 25, 2008

To our dear sweet little angel in Heaven,
Oh how we were so excited to meet our first little girl. Your brothers were excited and the rest of your loving family couldn't wait to hold you in their arms. You were so close to coming into this world and making us smile and laugh. God had other plans for you and wanted you to be our little guardian angel. Daddy and I are so thankful we got to hold you for the short time we had you in our arms. Even though your soul was already with Him, we still felt a little piece of you. We miss you so much and the pain and heartache is indescribable. Know that we love you very much and we will never forget you. You are our little angel and we miss you. We look forward to holding you again in our arms and looking into your beautiful face.

Mommy, Daddy Cayden and Chris